Access Aesthetics in Dance and Performance (16 June 2022)

The next session in the ongoing series of online debates "Disability And The Digital. Conversations Across Sociology, Cultural Studies and Disability Studies".

Flyer for the event. Whit background with orange and blue geometrical forms.


CfP: Jahrestagung Zentrum für Inklusionsforschung Berlin (6./7.10.2022)

"Räume und Grenzen der Inklusion: Interdisziplinäre Forschungsergebnisse“

Ziel der Jahrestagung des Graduiertenkollegs Inklusion – Bildung – Schule: Analysen von Prozessen gesellschaftlicher Teilhabe ist es, aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive eine Topographie der verschiedenen Inklusionsmechanismen und -hindernisse gesellschaftlicher Inklusionsräume zu entwerfen.


CfP: Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network - NECS conference (22-26 June, 2022)

Crip-epistemics in/of film, media, and games: Enganging the Archives of Disability

The panel aims to discuss visual media as means of crip knowledge-making, as a tool for re-thinking, re-configuring, and re-organising the existing knowledge about diversity and the established histories.


Zoom-Workshop mit Fiona Kumari Campbell, 29.04.2021

Contours of Ableism: Challenging the Notions and Reproduction Mechanisms of Normativity and Social Capital

Prof. Dr. Fiona Kumari Campbell, FRSA, 10:00am-15:00pm (CET) Humboldt University of Berlin

Ableism is a system of processes and practices that vary according to time, context and location that forms understandings and tactics of interaction, exclusion, comportment of self as they pertain to humanisation and corresponding hierarchicalisation of life. In this talk I will discuss the complexity of ableist relations in order to refresh the conversation by drawing upon unfamiliar, non-western knowledges to open a new space and lift the dust (aggiornamento) of thinking about human devaluation and development of social capital for minoritised groups.


CfP: Special Issue of the Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies

Invitation to Dance: Performing Disability Politics through the Dancing Body

The global phenomenon of disability/integrated dance provides case studies to the questions raised at the outset, bringing forward the role of the body in cultural and societal representations of disability.


CFA: Invisible & Under-Represented? (22.-23. März 2022)

Invisible & Under-Represented? Disability History, Objects & Heritage

This student led conference seeks to highlight the work of researchers investigating object based histories of disability and/or the place of disability and disabled people in museums, archives and heritage institutions.



Neue Ausgabe der Zeitschrift für Disability Studies (1, 2022)

Logo der Zeitschrift für Disability Studies. Die Buchstaben ZDS sind auf weißem Hintergrund geschrieben und einmal normal, einmal seitlich und einem spiegelverkehrt.


Die aktuelle Ausgabe der ZDS ist nun online und erscheint zum Thema „Abseits und Jenseits des Sozialen Modells: Materialismus und Phänomenologie der Behinderung". 


CFP: Virtual Workshop on Disability Justice in Human-Computer Interaction (29 April 2022)

Dreaming Disability Justice in HCI

This one-day workshop aims to bring people together doing research to address ableism that takes a justice-oriented and intersectional perspective. 



Extended Deadline: Call for Contributions

Assistance, Assistants and Assistive Media. Barriers and Interfaces of Digital Cultures

The research project Media of Assistance, is organising its final conference in the coming summer term: "Assistance, Assistants and Assistive Media. Barriers and Interfaces of Digital Cultures" and would like to invite you to participate.

The conference will take place between 1 and 3 July, probably online. Submissions for papers should be sent to AssistiveMedia [at] by 30 April.

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Mara Mills (NYU)

All further information can be found in the call for papers: Click here for more information.


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