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CfP: Cinemas of Isolation: Disability and Film Theory

This special issue of Spectator moves towards reflections on the phenomenology of illness and disability in global cinemas, and the ways that certain strands of film theory might be reanimated by a serious consideration of disability and disability studies.

CfP: Media and disability

Media and disability

Explore the topic of media and disability in it's multiple configurations, accounting for social, material, theoretical, aesthetical, experiential, historical, political and institutional perspectives.

4th Network Meeting (12-14 May 2022)

Media and the Senses

The fourth network meeting is dedicated to the spaces of experience that emerge from the interplay of practices, senses and media (cf. Alper 2018; Hammer 2015; Schillmeier 2010). The interest lies on the aesthetic, artistic and philosophical potentials of dis-/ability in particular, departing from an exploration of blindness in both historic and contemporary practices.

Flyer for the 4th Network Meeting: Media and the Senses. Grey background with black geometrical form. Text in Black. QR Code and Logos from HU Berlin, University Vienna, HKB, Universität Konstanz and DFG.

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