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In Fall 2023, a whole issue of Leonardo journal will be dedicated to "CripTech and the Art of Access." It will be documenting the work emerging from CripTech Incubator, as well as inviting new perspectives to map the emerging field of CripTech Art.

Vortrag beim 2. Kongress der Teilhabeforschung (Online)

Dis/Abling Video Conferences – eine video-/ ethnographische Erkundung 

Vortrag beim 2. Kongress der Teilhabeforschung, 15. – 16. September 2021 als online Kongress aus Münster.

Von Siegfried Saerberg, Tom Bieling, Beate Ochsner und Robert Stock

New Publication "Access and tinkering: designing assistive technologies as political practice–A discussion with Zeynep Karagöz, Thomas Miebach and Daniel Wessolek"

by Tom Bieling, Melike Şahinol, Robert Stock, Anna–Lena Wiechern in Journal of Enabling Technologies. 

Publication date: 30 August 2022 

Conversations on Access and Design (18.03.22)

Cover of the Book "Accessible America". Beige background, black and red letters saying "A History of Disability and Design". Small colourful sketches on the cover.

In celebration of Bess Williamson’s Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design, which was awarded the 2019/20 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Horowitz Book Prize, leading disability history scholars, artists, and designers will discuss studies of access and design history.

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