Luisa Drews is a scholar of literary and cultural studies. Currently, she holds a position as a research assistant at the institute for German literature at Humboldt University in Berlin. Luisa graduated in German and Romance studies (with a focus on French literature) from Humboldt University. She was a fellow of the Humboldt Graduate School, the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies and the Vienna Doctoral Academy “Theory and Methodology in the Humanities.” She also received a fellowship from the uni:docs Fellowship Programme in Vienna while she worked on her doctoral thesis. Her research is concerned with the relationship between literature and knowledge, literary media history, mediology and media theory, literary radio studies and theories and methods of cultural studies. Together with Eva Horn, Luisa is responsible for a volume of the upcoming historical-critical edition of the German media theorist Friedrich Kittler. She recently published the article “Disability media aesthetics. Voices of the war-disabled people in post-war German-language radio plays” in the Radio Journal.