Contours of Ableism: Challenging the Notions and Reproduction Mechanisms of Normativity and Social Capital

Prof. Dr. Fiona Kumari Campbell, FRSA, 10:00am-15:00pm (CET) Humboldt University of Berlin

Ableism is a system of processes and practices that vary according to time, context and location that forms understandings and tactics of interaction, exclusion, comportment of self as they pertain to humanisation and corresponding hierarchicalisation of life. In this talk I will discuss the complexity of ableist relations in order to refresh the conversation by drawing upon unfamiliar, non-western knowledges to open a new space and lift the dust (aggiornamento) of thinking about human devaluation and development of social capital for minoritised groups.



The online event is separated into two sessions. The first part of the workshop talk by Prof. Dr. Fiona Kumari Campbell and the following Q&A session is open to public.

You can register via the link:


Organized by

Lukas Gerhards and Robel Afeworki Abay PhD Fellows in the Doctoral Program "Inclusion-Education-School: Analysis of Processes of Social Participation" at the Center for Inclusion Research, Humboldt University of Berlin


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