Dreaming Disability Justice in HCI

This one-day workshop aims to bring people together doing research to address ableism that takes a justice-oriented and intersectional perspective. 



Time: 29 April 2022

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Deadline for submissions: 24 February 2022


The integration of disability justice and HCI could bring promising opportunities for solidarity and justice, as well as knowledge production and design. However, little is known about the potential roles disability justice can play within HCI, raising questions such as: How to integrate accessible methods and collective access into research practices? How does disability intersect with other marginal identities? This leads to several concerns, e.g. injustice/unfairness and further oppression within technology building spaces.

This workshop will be used as a means to go beyond accessibility, acknowledging how disability is present in all facets of HCI, and calling in a diverse range of scholarships to critically reflect on disability justice within their work. Find out more here.

A variety of submissions that concern research, design, reflections, and even personal experiences related to disability justice and HCI are welcomed. Find out more about the workshop and possible topics of submissions here.


Cella M. Sum, Rahaf Alharbi, Franchesca Spektor, Cynthia Bennett, Christina Harrington, Katta Spiel, Rua M. Williams




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