CFA: Invisible & Under-Represented? (22.-23. März 2022)

Invisible & Under-Represented? Disability History, Objects & Heritage

This student led conference seeks to highlight the work of researchers investigating object based histories of disability and/or the place of disability and disabled people in museums, archives and heritage institutions.



Call for Papers: Akustische Interfaces (Berlin, 4.-6. Mai 2022)

Die Tagung setzt sich zum Ziel, eine neue Perspektive auf die (Wissens-)Geschichte von analogen und digitalen Interfaces zu eröffnen, die die Bedeutung des Akustischen für die Ausdifferenzierung gegenwärtiger Interfacekulturen herausarbeitet.

CFA Special Issue: Ableism, Disablism, Enablism

Ableism, Disablism, Enablism

Call for papers for a special journal issue with the topic Ableism, Disablism, Enablism in the open access journal Societies. This special issue aims to explore the many facets of ableism and ability-based disablism and enablism. Guest Editors: Gregor Wolbring, Anica Zeyen and Oana Branzei

CFP: Virtual Workshop on Disability Justice in Human-Computer Interaction (29 April 2022)

Dreaming Disability Justice in HCI

This one-day workshop aims to bring people together doing research to address ableism that takes a justice-oriented and intersectional perspective. 



Keynote: Elizabeth Petrick (online, Dec 7, 2021, 5pm CET)

Disability, Embodiment, and Online Socialization: Computerized Conferencing Technology in the 1970s

Hosted by Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Prof. Jan Müggenburg, CDC // DCRL

CfP - Social Inclusion - Disability and Social Inclusion: Lessons from the Pandemic

For a Special Issue of Social Inclusionedited by Owen Barden, Laura Waite, Erin Pritchard and Ana Bê Pereira

CfP: Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network - NECS conference (22-26 June, 2022)

Crip-epistemics in/of film, media, and games: Enganging the Archives of Disability

The panel aims to discuss visual media as means of crip knowledge-making, as a tool for re-thinking, re-configuring, and re-organising the existing knowledge about diversity and the established histories.


Online Lecture: Disability, Personhood and Vulnerability (16 December 2021)

Talk by Jonathan Mitchell, University College Dublin (Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures)

NNGBH Seminar Series, 16 December 2021, 12 noon (BST), 13.00 (CET)

CFA Enabling Technologies for Marginalised Groups

Designing Enabling Technologies for Marginalised Groups 

Guest Editors: Dr Marc Fabri and Dr Nigel Newbutt

Call for peer-reviewed article, case studies, opinion pieces, and technology reviews that help to understand the role of enabling technology design with, and for, marginalised groups

Special Issue of Journal of Enabling Technologies

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